FourTrack​(​s) - EP

by Everet Almond

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Everything you hear on this EP was recorded onto an iPhone (using ONLY the iPhone mic) with the Sonoma FourTrack App.


released December 5, 2014

Instruments/Recording/Writing by Everet Almond
Mastering by Steve Turnidge @ Ars Divina

Cover photo by Natalie Romer



all rights reserved


Everet Almond Brooklyn, New York

Everet Almond is a songwriter, musician, and producer from New York.

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Track Name: Start Again
Start again, hit the clock.
Brush my teeth after my coffee.
Do the same old shuffle leave the sheets to the streets.

Let's pretend for once it's just the end
of something that you lent
to make life better off spent.

Start Again.
Don't make me have to tell you twice.
Start Again.
Make it last, make it nice.

Civil wars when you're bored
aren't easy to facilitate.
I'm too damn tired to be sure.

In the news they say we're gona lose.
Don't believe us when we choose
to live without the woes, so

Start Again.
I can't tell you anymore.
Start Again.
But you have to be sure.
Tell me you can be sure.
Can you ever be sure?
Track Name: Are You A Man?
People live with superstitions thought to make you drown.
Try to put these contradictions to ground.
I don't want to meet your mother, I might let you down.
Let's just practice contraception now.

Nobody says 'I used to'.
Are you a man?
Cause I look right through you.
Time takes the loneliest ones.
Time takes the romance.

Deeper visions, my incisions heal around your heart.
Don't remember last November's start.

Nobody takes the short straw.
Are you a man?
Are you so sure?
Time takes the loneliest ones.
Time takes the people.
Time takes the romance.
Time to face the music.
Track Name: Living for the Hurricane
Looking back, I took a lot of short roads.
I'm not exactly where I want to be.
Done with that, I'm trying to pull all my loads.
Straighten out my friendly remedies.

I see the road is coming clear.
The fundamental wheel is here.

Look around and get out of the city.
Breathe the air deserving of a war.
Still a need to feed the Devil's army.
Keep the gun you hide in your top drawer.

I see the prize is getting near.
The fundamental wheel is here.

Living for the hurricane.
Track Name: Ride I Like
You want to pack me in your suitcase, you leave your shoes.
The kind of ride I like.
You place a bet with Mickey's roommate, you leave tomorrow.
This is a ride I like.

I backed you up when you were wrong.
The battalion arrested me, thought I was history.
Suddenly out in the cold.

You got to Paris in the morning, you sold me out.
You're not the kind I like.
Lead me out to see where I don't want to be.
Don't remember when, but I can't end it.

Establish relationships than vanish without a tip off.
Started a mystery, ended as misery.

Got back to college in a suitcase.
You left me wanting the kind of ride I like.